A downloadable game for Windows

Bork Fighter is a game in which you play as a fellow Bork. Your job is to save Bork Kind, and to do that, you must exterminate the kittens. It will not be easy, it won't be quick. Will your Bork save the Bork Kind, or will he just be another casualty of war?

Current Features

Story Mode
1 Level
Multiple Buildings,
1 Cat,

Dodge-em All
1 Level
Hundreds of Cats,
High Score,

1 Bork
Able to Bark,
 Shoot Bones,
Kill Cats

Install instructions

It is suggested that you have the itch.io client. If you have the itch.io client, then just click download then click launch when finished.

If installing via the browser, just hit install, follow the steps it shows, then open the .exe file and it will launch.


Bork Fighter.exe 6 MB
Version 29 Jul 18, 2017

Development log